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We gain an understanding of the products and services the client wants to focus on selling and whom the customers are for each of these products and services.

We identify the top 50 keywords for the client’s product or service in their market

We determine the total number of searches from these keywords ( for example: 1,000 searches per keyword x 50 keywords = 50,000 searches per month).

We calculate the total sales opportunity. (for example the client’s average sale is $500 x 50,000 searches = $25,000,000 in total monthly sales opportunity in their market area)

We examine four of the client’s top competitors to see how many of these searches they’re getting. In our example they’re getting 7% of the 50,000 searches or 3,500 searches.

We discover how many of these searches our client is getting. Let’s say they’re getting 2%, equal to 1,000 searches.

So, the competition is getting 2,500 more searches than our client and 45,500 searches are going elsewhere. There is still plenty of upside opportunity.

Finally, we create a plan with options to capture a greater share of this $25,000,000 opportunity.


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