Beat the Competition

If you want to be Best in Market and Beat Your Comptetition, you will need a strategy.

You might suspect that your website can deliver you more leads. But you don’t how it is performing, how that compares to your competition, or how you might improve its performance.

Thanks to our Best in Market program, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can win on the internet, win on social media and beat the competition.


A revealing competitive analysis. A plan for per formance.

We can perform a FREE* competitive analysis on your site. We will identify how your website, keywords, social media, and reviews are performing.

Then we compare this to four competitors that you choose.

We often find the competition is killing it- both in site visits and the conversion of those visits to customers, and virtually always find the people we’re working with are missing out on 90%+ of the searches.

We will then create, a plan to optimize your site suggesting changes which would improve conversion, a customized content marketing and social media plan, and suggest several of our 33 advertising and promotions strategies.


Our goal is to get you on page one of search – because over 90% of clicks go to the results listed on page one.


SEO ROI EXAMPLE improvement going from 20th to 4th in search

Here is a quick ROI example if you improved from being the 20th result for a keyword search to being the 4th result (something we’re doing for our clients all the time).

If you’re in 20th place, on average, you’re getting only 1.26% of the clicks for a given keyword. Based on 1,000 searches per month, in 12 months you’re getting 144 clicks. At $4 per click, you have a price per click (PPC) value of $576. (PPC value is what you would have to pay Google to achieve the same number of clicks)

When we get you to 4th place in the search results, you’ll be getting 4.66% of the clicks. Based on the same 1,000 searches per month, in 12 months you’re getting 559 clicks – a 288% increase! At $4 per click, you have a PPC value of $2236. 



We will assume 3% of the clicks in each example turn into leads, you close 25% of them, and your average sale is $10,000

If you’re in 20th place, your getting 4 leads and closing one. Total $10,000

When we get you to 4th place in the search results, you’ll be getting 16 leads, and closing 4. Total $40,000. A 300% increase. PPC value of $2236 and a 1682% ROI.


(*minimum $4 million annual sales)

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