Case Study - Black Friday Furniture Sale

Technologies Used: GEO-Framing, IP Website Conversion and New Movers

 The Background

•After running multiple campaigns, a national furniture retailer was ready to proceed with our technology at scale.  

•As a major player in the industry, they expected results, and we planned on delivering.  

The Challenge 

•The task was simple, work with the company to generate the best possible results for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale period.  

•We needed to launch a full-scale campaign for the season by utilizing GEO-Framing, IP Website Conversion and Digital New Movers. 


•Our product offerings were focused on meeting very different objectives for the client.  

GEO-Framing was used to acquire customers shopping at competitor locations and redirect them to the client’s stores, directly affecting both the client and their competitors.  

IP Website Conversion took online site visitors and sent them a direct mail piece enticing them to purchase.  

•Digital New Movers targeted consumers who had recently moved into new homes.  


•Total sales of $5,069,067 

•Digital New Movers created $2,447,110 in sales  

•Total ROAS of 840.43%