Case Study - University Student Recruitment

Technologies Used: GEO-Framing and IP Website Conversion

 The Background

•This university wanted to work with us to get new students through their doors.  

•The client had used IP Website Conversion technology before, now they wanted to see how well it would work for them to make use of our other ad tech products.   

The Challenge 

•This university wanted to ensure that the audience targeted would be those most likely to convert.  

•By doing this, we intended to make sure that the university’s marketing dollars were spent as effectively as possible.  

•Together, we came up with two different targeting strategies. 

• One plan was to target those seen at nearby universities and technical colleges in order to encourage transfers. 

• The other plan was to target those who had recently visited this university’s website 


•Using GEO-Framing and IP Website Conversion, both of these targeting plans were executed with utmost precision.  

•Through GEO-Framing, we pulled the Device IDs of those seen consistently on college campuses within about an hour range of this university. 

•From there, we were then able to target these devices with ads promoting transfers to the university. 

•Through IP Website Conversion, we took IP addresses of those who had visited the university’s website and matched those IP addresses to their correlating home address.  •We then excluded any visitors who were either already enrolled or had already applied to enroll here.  

•Using these correlated home addresses, we then sent mailers to the homes of these site visitors to encourage enrollment.  


•GEO-Framing ○ 27 new student transfers ○ 235% improvement among those who were targeted versus those who were not 

•Website Conversion ○ 67 new student enrollments 0.44% conversion rate