Case Study - Telesales Recruitment

Technologies Used: GEO-Framing and IP Website Conversion

 The Background

•A growing telesales company which had recently moved offices and needed help with workforce recruitment.  

•Equipped with GEO-Framing technology, they were able to develop a cutting-edge recruitment strategy for the telesales client. 


The Challenge 

•The client was experiencing explosive growth and was having trouble finding qualified candidates to fill the available positions. 

•Previous campaigns launched with other companies and technology options were able to generate 80-100 applicants, but most didn’t have the required experience to contribute immediately. 

•We needed to find a way to acquire promising applicants at a greater quantity than ever before.  


•Meeting demand was achieved with GEO-Framing.  

•Our partner GEO-Framed two nearby competing businesses, capturing the device IDs of their employees.  

•From there, we appended those device IDs to their home IP address, delivering digital ads directly to employees’ homes and devices over a two-week period. 

•Focusing on competitor’s workers was an effective plan: not only did it mean applicants were already qualified, but hiring away employees would also directly improve the client’s position over their competitors.


•Using GEO-Framing and IP Targeting both of these targeting plans were executed with utmost precision. 

•Through GEO-Framing, we pulled the Device IDs of those seen consistently on college campuses within about an hour range of this university.  

•From there, we were then able to target these devices with ads promoting transfers to the university.  

•Through IP Website Conversion, we took IP addresses of those who had visited the university’s website and matched those IP addresses to their correlating home address.  

•We then excluded any visitors who were either already enrolled or had already applied to enroll here.  

•Using these correlated home addresses, we then sent mailers to the homes of these site visitors to encourage enrollment.  


• 650 new applicants • 600% increase in applications