Case Study - Car Dealers

Chevy Dealer - Technology Used: GEO-Framing + Digital Direct Mail

Campaign Strategy

•With the extensive population residing in the Chicagoland area, it’s often difficult to get a message out to a desired target market amongst all the advertising noise.  

•The dealership purchased a look a like data list of their target segment which included many of the surrounding townships in Chicago.  

•The dealership GEO-Framed their lots and several competitor lots

•This list and Geo-Frame was populated with 39,137 total individuals--of that list 22,124 of those were matched for Digital Direct Mail.

Measurable Client Results

•With GEO-Framing technology, the dealership had a conversion rate of 0.09%, deriving a total of 21 conversions with those IP’s that were matched. 

•This comprised 75% of conversions that occurred during the campaign.  

•They realized a 130.70% lift in sales over a three-month period by utilizing GEO-Framing technology, 124 of those were matched to the campaign.  

3 Location Car Dealer - Technology Used: Digital Direct Mail

Project Overview

•While working with the dealership, two large “buckets” of customers presented as a great opportunity to target for a Buy Back or Conquest Sales campaign. 

•Approximately 40% of the customers that purchase service but did not purchase a vehicle at the dealership. 

•Over 9,000 customers that have previously purchased a vehicle at the dealership. 


•After completing the discovery process with the client, we identified approximately 6,000 high value prospects from among the candidates.  

•We launched a targeted campaign of push advertising to customers home PCs. 

•Through our online display campaign, the client was assured that their advertising efforts would reach "real" people instead of fraudulent bots and crawlers, which account for 75% of normal online traffic. 

Measurable Client Results

•The results according to the customer were “stellar”. Based on UTM/Google reporting, the campaign resulted in: 

558 clicks to the site

530 new sessions

138% increase in average time on site

•Over $500K in additional revenue was produced, including $182K from customers who had not visited the dealership in the last 9 months.  

Mercedes Dealer - Technology Used: Digital Direct Mail

Campaign Strategy

•This particular campaign utilized industry existing data pool for leases that were expiring soon and a conquest list of people who owned other luxury brand vehicles.  

•These two groups were set up as separate campaigns, and messaging corresponded to the vehicle currently owned of that particular target. For example, someone whose lease was going to expire on an E-Class Mercedes received an ad for the new E-Class and M-Class lessees received the M-Class ad, etc. 

Measurable Client Results

•The campaign was able to use our match-back analysis to match targeted customers with customers that made purchases during their sale periods.  

•During the Sale/Lease special, customers from our initial data cohort generated a total of 46 sales and leases.  

•Of these conversions, 32 came from our Digital Direct Mail campaign and the remainder from our control group. 

•46 transactions attributed to the campaign 

•80% higher conversion rate for customers who received targeted display ads §$383,286 in incremental revenue generated from these additional sales.


Multi Brand Car Dealer - Technology Used: Look-a-Like Digital Advertising and Ringless Voice Messa

Look A Like Digital Advertising 

The Background:

•Generate online new car leads 

•Target men and women in OK City who have interest in buying a new Toyota Camry.


•Used Digital Direct Mail for 90 days 

•Generate 395 Website Visits and 46 In Store Appointments.


Ringless Voice Message Campaign

The Background:

•Generate new car sales from past customers 

•Target past customers that had purchased a new or used car 2-4 years ago



•Used Ringless Voice Message Technology to place a 30 second message from the GM on the targeted customers land or cell phone inviting them to take advantage of this special car buy back offer 

•8,976 out-bound calls were made. 716 call backs, 70 appointments and 35 New Car sales were made over 90 days. $70,000 of Gross Profit was generated and a 12 to 1 ROI was achieved.